Realtime Edge Rendering [Brainstorm]


A game dev tweet me this after seeing edge node 1.2.4.
There are many ways to do realtime edge detection.
The most primitive is using Zdepth & Normal.
In the new edge node, I turned Zdepth into color, normal also into color.
What I’m thinking is to create edge detection that is color independent.
Or color that clipped over the range of 0…1

The edge type that is possible with it are:

  1. Silhouette (normal & Zdepth)
  2. Contour (object ID)
  3. Intersection (normal)
  4. Edge mark (vertex shader)

To tell you the truth, these edge types are the most used.

These inputs can be useful for edge detection:

  1. Object ID
  2. Material ID
  3. Zdepth
  4. Normal (view/world)
  5. Vertex position
  6. Bounding box size
    and more

Let’s brainstorm!


What about post processing edge detectors?

  • DoG
  • Sobel
  • Canny


Those algorithms are pretty much standard. What I’m looking for in edge detection, is the more efficient ones like those done in AA algorithm.


A list of games to share with that game dev you mention:
GuiltyGear xrd (Opening and characters)
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Valkyria Chronicles
Rogue Galaxy
Prince of (persia 2008)
Darkness II
No more heroes
Gravity Rush
Zone of the Enders
Dragon Ball games
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
Transformers Devastation
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan
Robotech Battlecry
Dragon Quest VIII
Ultimate Spider-man
Mad World
Ni no Kuni

A “Periodic Table of Edge Detection” would be interesting:
On the Left you will have the objective ones, like Silhouette, Contour, Intersection and Sharp Edges.
On the Right the subjetive like flow of the wind, shouts or fast focus, and speed representation in the edge of a punch.
In the middle you could have smoke, clouds, godrays, metal paint reflections, and riples in substances.
At the Top there will be inner edges, the ones representing cracks in glass, coins inside acrylic, stuff inside ice, electronics inside translucent cages, iris details, car light details, etc.
And at the Bottom, well, the color edge detection found in pictures, posters, magazines, and suden changes in the skin, like moles, veins, scars, fabric pattern, change or hair colors, like zebra, tiger and such.

kind of D&D Alignment
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