Presentation Beer BCF 2014


The presentation for the Blender Conference 2014 can be found through this link:

This is the direct link to the document but show directly in your browser, so better use the above one.

The presentation is made in Libre Office 4.3 (Impress) which is a free to use program. Please use this software to make alterations.

The outlines/content of what is to be contained into the paper is found here:

(4th attempt piece at the bottom)

Some guidelines and ask for help:
All papers are living documents and can be altered.
I need a concencus on layoutstyle to apply and content to contain for the presentation.
Will fill in the bare essentials next week as are discussed in the paper (without layoutstyle and no gimmicks like flying words etc)
When the paper is accepted for presentation at BCF 2014 we have to think about involving the community directly. Some people where already asked for input but would be a good way to actively ask them again.
Mascot was for McLelun otherwise its gonna be Lights nekokun.

We are a bloody NPR community so I expect to put in some darn good pieces of art to make this presentation eye candy…


Less words, more pictures!!!
Chibi Snowfeet can but that is a copyrighted character. I hold the copyright at least.


Chibi was a joke. So wait until we get our mascot.


I am a bit busy with some office work at the moment (god damn last minute javascripting stuff). The robot I did, fully rig but still need a lot of fixing before it up to quality for presentation.

Here is the dropbox link,

The reason why we are doing this model is to let everyone have a quick model to play around with it, and render some images for the presentation. At the moment, I dont think my model is good enough to be a mascot yet.

It will be good if render of Light’s snowfeet cat model can be include in the presentation, i think that is a more polish model. And the celestine model are really good too.

I think it will be nice if different model/renders (from different authors) are use in the presentation. More interesting? Or more messy?


Definitely like the model. Its fun and is easy to handle and would suit the presentation perfect. Your not the only one having to work hard. Others are too I can tell and I worked my ass off this week.

Yeah including more NPR from other developers would be very good, only pondering how to do it. No am not afraid it will go messy because I am more afraid we have to many words in the presentation and to little to show people. Its a community conference so presenting what we got is good.

Was thinking about putting in artwork between slides. Keeps the masses happy while I am yapping away. Got more spare time next weeks so definitely gonna step on it. Thanks for the contribution and we will get this plane of the ground.


Today we discussed about BEER presentation slide by slide via Google hangout. [Part 1]
@thejikz, @Wasili, @sauraedron, @Light_Bwk were present.
Next week same time.


Warning: Spoiler and headache reading material

BEER Presentation planning Gdoc

Do not share this yet. This is for internal discussion use. Anyone can view the Gdoc after we presented it. This forum will also be made public.


the blend file for the robot is updated, same dropbox link.

you will notice the default material is turn shadeless. because this model are just use for rendering different layers of images