Please introduce yourself


Not saying my real name. Not a troll. Went to an Ivy League on the East Coast of the US. Have written fiction and been published, but no success with screenplays. Have used Blender on and off for about a year (very off due to a toddler in the family). Here’s where I am with Blender and animation:

  • I’m comfortable with AE and Duik for 2D rigging systems. Successfully animated pose to pose with 2D characters made in PS and AI and imported to AE w/duik. Also, used papagayo to handle lip syncing.

  • Blender: I’ve done the Tufts University course. I’ve done Sebastian Lague’s ‘Hat Man’ tut series with a walk and run cycle. I’ve done the borncg lego man, with a papagayo lip sync using Morevna’s papagayo importer. And the cgcookie Animation Fundamentals course.

  • Have longstanding experience with UNIX. Have gotten ‘brenda’ working using Amazon AWS for for rendering with Linux. Absolutely rock solid and dirt cheap cloud rendering when using the spot pricing model. See ‘brenda’ @ github for details.

  • Been experimenting with OpenToonz. I like OT very much.