Please introduce yourself


I’m Light BWK, real name BONG WEE KWONG or 黄伟光 from Kuching in Malaysia.
Blender user of almost 10 years.
Major skill: Storytelling, scene layout
Co-founder of Blender NPR, BEER advocate.

Now your turn.


I’m Roberto Maurizzi from Bologna, Italy but currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Interested in animation production “since forever”, anime lover since the end of the Seventies :wink: and all-around animation lover since maybe 20 years ago :smiley:

My main fields of work (the one that pays the bills) are programming, computer systems engineering and networking, plus the usual dose of project management.

My objective is to open an animation production company to tell the types of story I like most and I decided I need an open source toolchain and workflow to be able to have the required artistic and productive “freedom”.

I got interested in BEER because I think “we” need a NPR system that doesn’t work as a “special case” of a realistic shader and because I want to build up my knowledge of Blender by following a real project.

Oh, almost forgot: I can write but I’m really really bad with most art-oriented efforts… ^___^;



Hello, I’m Tamito Kajiyama (T.K.) working on the Freestyle integration into Blender.
Since April I’ve been on a grant from the Blender Foundation development fund thanks to regular sponsors.
The granted project mostly focuses on Freestyle improvements and new features, but also foresees contributions to Blender’s non-photorealistic rendering capabilities in general. Helping BEER efforts is certainly within the project scope.


Hi I am, Saurabh Wankhade from India. I have a little experience with coding.
Looking forward to contributing towards B.E.E.R. :slight_smile:


I am Wasili Novratidis from Gorinchem, The Netherlands. I am part Dutch and part Greek so feel comfortable in multicultural environments. My job has nothing to do with 3D or programming but thats just my personal interest. Well strayed a bit away from beeing an artist and helping out the BEER development wherever I can.

Am a big fan of anime and manga. Went to Tokyo last year because it was my lifewish, had the time of my life and immersed myself in the anime scene. My next goal is making an anime short but will have take this detour first.


I am Lun, from KL Malaysia. Studied software engineering/programming in college, but decide to join in the creative industry because I love pretty things. Worked on a very wide range of projects in my 10 years of working experience, games, animation, multimedia, vfx, website etc.


Hi, i am Amir Hamzah, a 3D Visual Effects Artist from Malaysia. Currently working
on local VFX studio for TV and Film about 4years, and also do many varieties projects like animation, motion graphics, visualization.

BEER is my next big things :slight_smile:


Hello, for the time being I’ll go with my online handle Honoo Ohnoes.

Currently a student based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia majoring in Animation and Visual Effects, began using Blender much more seriously for the majority of my work over there (as opposed to my peers using Autodesk products). Have quite a big interest in NPR for the purpose of emulating anime-style cel-shading, was inspired by the “Arpeggio of Blue Steel” series. Finds the fan community-supported MikuMikuDance (and a spin-off software, called MikuMikuMoving) very interesting pieces of technology, thinks a lot of other software could take some examples from it… while improving some things along the way on their own.

A very big believer on the idea that Blender can match its commercial contemporaries when in the right hands. Quite keen on the idea of making anime-style cel shading work with Blender. Prefers to use his workstation built entirely around free and open-source software (FOSS) like Blender, Krita etc for productive work, but still considering to change his current Windows-based platform to an original copy of Windows 8 if the future permits. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Ohnoes! :smile:
It is cool to see more artists embracing FOSS.


Hi, I’m Aditia, I am TD and blender compositor. Currently co founding animation studios in Indonesia, [Kampoong Monster Studios][1]

We’re doing some NPR stuff lately, and hopefully will share the trailer soon.

And for BEER, we’re really looking forward for it and absolutely will help it’s development.



I’m Khalifa Lame from Nigeria. I got into blender in april 2012 and I’ve been using it ever since. In one of my 9 lives, I’m a character artist and i love npr

I’m a programmer in another one of my lives, but I’m in no way an expert. I’ve written a few blender addons and rig UIs. I’m familiar with high level languages such as c#, java and of course python. I’ve started learning GLSL and OpenGL. Hopefully, I might be able to help out in one way or another.


Original training MFA, long term interest in NPR style rendering, secondary grad training in story and dreamwork, then computers. I maintained the 32 bit Win version of Blender Freestyle on for two(2)+ years and have commented on threads all over the web. I really would like Freestyle to be have a more visually managed UI, for artists, and the same expectation for BEER. I have my own personal projects that I would like to do in Blender. I have always wanted to replicate the look of my own hand drawn images, (pencil, ink, watercolor, colored pencils) using the computer so that it could be animated. I have attempted several ways (and software, Lightwave, modo) to create watercolor style shaders and quality NPR lines. I support FOSS, both in time offered and donations and usage of software. I appreciate the inter-national community of NPR artists and look forward to BEER and Freestyle development


Thank you @paulhart2 for your Freestyle builds thru the years. :smile:


Hey guys ,

i am pratik solanki from weybec studio , i am really looking forward for BEER development :smile:


Hi, I’m Tito
I have some experience with coding… :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Todor Imreorov. :slight_smile: Have been using blender for more than 5 years now, been an avid fan of the NPR style.

I recently made an NPR shader for blender internal that somehow gained a lot of attention. You can get it and play with it from my blog. I am currently working on improving it and explaining better how to use it.

Other ways I’ve been involved in blender development:

  • Posting bugs at the bug tracker
  • Ranting at blenderartist
  • Making proposals on the UI in blender at blenderwiki


Hello, I’m Chris.

I am a beginner --> intermediate level programmer who would like to participate in Blender NPR development starting around the beginning of February. I am still learning the python api but it’s going well.

What would be the best way for me to start contributing? FreeStyle and BEER are being developed by separate but overlapping ‘groups’, correct?

Sorry for not spending more time researching the development process but I am very busy atm.


Freestyle is mainly developed and maintained by @blenderyard, BEER is a paid development by BlenderNPR team.


I am a spooky photograph of an obscure Australian predatory marsupial in a circle, currently residing in Perth in Western Australia. I started using Blender for 3D graphics in 2010 and I"m currently making my first animated short. (It’ll be rendered in Cycles for a physical “claymation” look.)

I’m interested in BEER because I’d love to have an expressive rendering system for Blender - something at least as intuitive to use as Cycles but powered by GLSL under the hood for speedier materials iteration, quicker rendering, etc.

As someone outside the initial design process for BEER, I remain unconvinced about the stack interface being proposed. LightBWK invited me here from Twitter today to help brainstorm a node-based design for BEER after I asked about nodes. I then spent a RedBull-fuelled day talking the ear off my game developer workmate to learn how the GLSL pipeline works at a relatively high level. Turns out the vertex shader isn’t a shader at all. It’s just called a shader because it runs in the shader pipeline and it’s programmed using GLSL. Gosh!

My professional background is websites so I’ve got a strong grounding in UI and UX. I also do things like requirements gathering and architectural planning as well as actual coding as part of my dayjob, so I hope to be helpful nailing down specifics of how we get from here to BEER.