Discuss about discussions


Very meta title! :smiley:
Let’s discuss how to discuss about code.


It’s not as silly as it looks from the title :wink:
I could quite easily set up a dedicated Jabber server using OpenFire… that will allow us to have chat-rooms dedicated to a specific topic and to save all the text server-side automatically.
But I don’t know if it’s useful enough to be worth the pain of switching to another chat.

We could also use an IRC channell somewhere (or even set up an IRC server… but I know very little about that). I don’t know about saving the channels’ logs however, also if you’re behind a company firewall IRC isn’t easy to access.


The bad thing about our current chat (FB <> Discourse) is that people not in FB will go “HUH?!!” at the result of our discussion.

We can use public style chat (history saved though) like http://tlk.io/bnpr which BNPR owns.


Well, right now the website is still open… and can stay that way too.
If you notice, all URLs are “decent” (no half-mile random characters GET variables like some Java applications…) so it’s easy to link to them from FB or anywhere else :slight_smile:


Noticed that (Open, URL).
Discussion here is quite real time, but we don’t really want to catalog every conversation bits.


Well some topics will be important and kept for a long time, others more like meetings that will get summarized in a minute then forgotten :slight_smile: