BEER UI discussion


Mock Up B
There is a problem with that, where is the duplicate/copy shader? How do you rearrange shader? How to rename shader layer? How to switch between 1 group of shaders to another group of shaders as discussed in the podcasts.

I hope that these productivity features are not overlooked.


Actually, I got a bunch of ideas…

  • Every materials is a material layer
    -+ Every material layers have its own configuration: Value, Application (All, Vertex Group, Mask)
    -+ Every materials contain shader layers
    –+ Every shader layers contain configuration: Shader Type, -shader conf-
    –+ Every shader layers contain modifier (optional)

So, based on those ideas, we must create a custom panel - like the User Preference Panel


I would love to refer you to this


Blend shader included into shader layer
Shader layer is the shader
So, basically, create new Shader Layer and select Blend from drop down menu
Then it would be, basically ‘Shader Group’ - the Blend shader will be the header, then it contains 2 shader slots…


The new panel contains an custom outliner - for Shader Layer and its child, the Modifiers or another Shader Layers for Blend shader


Your “Shader group” actually is a "preconditioned shader primitive"
The group that I meant was few layers of shaders inside a folder. Please watch 2:00 of the video.


So, you don’t want to mix 2 shader?
It must mix at least 2 shader, but you can still mix more…

-EDIT: The shader group layer will contain option: Stack, Add, Mix
But whatever you want, it’s your renderer…


This is the structure of BEER material and world effects.

This leaves material container options open for further discussion.


I’m not sure I got it right, so feel free to suggest any changes.

AO, mist, etc. will be implemented as shader primitives or modifiers, right?


Each of the major feature will have their own modifiers.

  • AO (invert AO, 2D color ramp)
  • Mist (2D color ramp)
  • Screen space effects [halftone, rays, bloom, glow, DoF, screen noise, hatching (note: there is surface hatching too but not here), Stippling, texture]
  • Sky (sky color, position, cloud type, 2D color ramp)

Still using the layer system but their “blend modes” are different. Some don’t interact with each other. Kinda like modo’s old shader layer system. ie, sky don’t interact with AO, Screen space always on top, etc.

Another part is lighting management. This should be easy, other software have good examples. Should lighting management be in the world tab too?


I’m not familiar with other softwares besides blender. I have no idea what settings are in lighting management. Could you give examples?

The closest thing i can think of is those settings for caustics and light bounces which are in the render tab… and then indirect lighting which is in the world tab.


There are many lighting management plugged in and add-on in proprietary software but there is no one that we can really call standard. It depends on application. For our application, we need it to:

  1. list all the lamps
  2. states which lamp will influence which material
  3. group a list of lamps which will influence any 3D character (by user specification)
  4. the ability to turn on and off lamps
  5. name lamps

I only can list these as of now. I’m hoping everyone can contribute more ideas and make lighting management in BEER something that we can be proud of.

Note: individual light settings shouldn’t be in the lighting management