BEER discussion minutes 05-08-2014


Discussion 04-08-2014

BEER engine is based on GLSL.
Roberto and Light are reading about GLSL.
Roberto: There also should be a balance of code to UI, just like how Freestyle does it.
Light: About openGL, should use the latest version (4.4) because BEER will be a long project. In 2 years 4.4 will be “old” and supported on more machines.

Wasili: BEER team is constantly scouting coders who can contribute, person to person basis.
Developer who does game shader coding is our ally. Please Join.
Wasili: BEER development team is new, plans are still evolving.
Roberto & Wasili: Senior developers can help the team to understand Blender code. Gauge the difficulty of development options (which makes more sense/faster to write and easier to maintain) also to avoid pitfalls.

Development Environment:
Roberto proposes to start a development environment which is closer to blender main development

Light is currently writing BEER paper for blender conference this year.