BEER design meeting 20-09-2015


Note 1: BEER dev fund status: 21% (~USD 4200). We need USD 20k.
Note 2: BEER is non-photorealistic OpenGL renderer for Blender.
Note 3: Meeting via FB group PM

BEER shader system from user point of view


  1. we need a layer editor
  2. we need a decent user defined shader system that can function as a rendering engine

Layer system can be done in nodes with special node linking as seen in diagram below.

There are 3 types of layers

a. fully scripted, little to no UI in layer stack (like OSL in Cycles right now)
b. fully scripted, with UI (like BI’s material for Lambert shader right now; other example is X-toon)
c. built from primitives, primitives are shader input nodes, synced UI between layer stack and node (just like Cycles. It has all Blender Internal nodes.)

A layer is defined by the “Blend” node.
It has more features than a normal mix node.

  • Layer On/off preview
  • Layer solo preview
  • Blend modes that works well with realtime
  • Some alpha optimization (need more discussion)

The advantages of both node and layer stack:

  • easy to understand how a shader is built
  • easy to isolate shader parts
  • easy to experiment new shaders
  • easy to add new shaders (either object, world or screen space) [realtime volumetric cloud/mist anyone?]
  • the flexibility to have old and familiar node UI for power users

Next week’s topic: Render passes and other shiny stuff

Do you want to participate in the meeting?
If you have made realtime apps/games, we want people like you.
Meeting time: after Blender dev weekly meeting (Sunday 1400 UTC)
Location: Facebook group private message