BEER design meeting 13-09-2015


Note 1: BEER dev fund status: 21% (~USD 4200)
Note 2: BEER is non-photorealistic OpenGL renderer for Blender
Note 3: Meeting via FB group PM

BEER as a minimum viable renderer

What BEER will look like as a minimum viable renderer?
Few basic shaders with shader system roughed out, shader layer working & render passes working

Reason: limited resource for the initial funding, make BEER extendable early

Good functional requirements document required.

Parts that make BEER:
Shader system (to make shader easy to add by coders, basically all input data)

  • Object shaders
  • World shaders (ie: cloud/mist)
  • Screen Space shaders (ie: blur/glow/ray/color adjustment)

Shader Layer System (to stack shaders and blending between them)
Render Passes System (break render into passes, fully user defined)
Shader Animation UI (expose shader UI to 3D view for animation, low priority)

Functional Design Requirements Document (FDR doc) will help to at least understand what we want and, later, define what we need.

Next meeting will go thru each part 1 at a time.

edit: 1 missing part, lamp management system


@Light_Bwk have you talked to Anthony/Julian about the new viewport project? It seems that you would be able to write your own shaders (even using nodes), which would make npr more possible. Maybe BEER doesn’t need to be a full fledged engine, it could be a suite of shaders for the new viewport (as an engine).


@Januz It has been silent with Anthony. Have not talked with Julian. Are there any design note on the new view port? BEER will ride with the new viewport, we just want to make a different yet more optimized UI/UX for NPR.


There was this post:

  1. Node based material definition for viewport – and definition of a
    new real – time material system used for rendering (GLSL renderer).
  1. Compositing. Includes things such as outlines, depth of field, ambient occlusion, HDR, bloom, flares.

In this case, you could build an addon that uses the node system in the background (and bundles some shaders/node groups).


If that only fulfill our basic requirements but not our ultimate goal for future improvements, we prefer to opt out of BEER being an add-on. NPR has unique workflows that don’t fit current design of Blender Internal Renderer.