BEER design meeting 04-10-2015


Note 1: BEER dev fund status: 22% (~USD 4400). We need USD 20k.
Note 2: BEER is non-photorealistic OpenGL renderer for Blender.
Note 3: Meeting via FB group PM

How to split BEER & related works? Avoid 4 year plan, build the core in 1 year or less.

  1. Proposal for prepackaged nodes in Python
  2. UI for layers

Especially for #1 we need to do research to see what’s available now, if not we risk writing a ridiculous proposal.

The problem
The team vaguely know the new viewport plan based on what have been written and somewhat outdated now. Thus very hard for the team to plan ahead.

1. The who
Get all the people involved in viewport project to discuss action plan.
Identifying involved actors is key at this point of time.

2. The where
The team thinks that Blender’s NPR mailing list is not working well, too hidden from public, empty and slow. Mailing list caused miscommunication in the past. The team suggests using this forum or other more interactive forum to discuss in realtime.

Next week’s topic: To be confirmed